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5 of the Best #Usesforwhitespace

With the Google + redesign, came a surprising amount of large white space which lacked content or use for many G+ users. The white space now has become a bit of a cult humour based topic for many geeks (myself included). It has it’s own trending hashtag and has been blogged about by many online sites.

Here I take a look at 5 of the funniest and creative #usesforwhitespace:

Sticky Notes #usesforwhitespace Google+

Cat #Usesforwhitespace Google+

Xray #usesforwhitespace Google+

Beer #usesforwhitespace Google+

Stick Men #usesforwhitespace Google+

Think you’ve seen a better one? Let me know either via the contact form or in the comments below.

13 Cool Google Plus Brand Pages

Google launched brand pages in Google + back in November 2011, and figures for brand pages on the social network platform have been exploding ever since. This presumably has a lot to do with the fact that having a G+ profile can help to maximise your search results listing in Google thanks to Search Plus Your World, vital for many brands.

Here I take a look at 13 of the best looking Google Plus brand pages:


Amazon Google Plus Page


H&M Google Plus Page


Android Google Plus Page


BMW Google Plus Page

Burger King

Burger King Google Plus Page

Google Chrome

Chrome Google Plus Page


Lexus Google Plus Page


Pepsi Google Plus Page


Samsung Google Plus Page


Sony Google Plus Page

The Muppets

The Muppets Google Plus Page



Yamaha Google Plus Page

Seen any more awesome Google Plus pages, or want help setting up your Google Plus profile? Feel free to get in touch.

Finding websites

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

Image via Wikipedia

Anyone who works online will undoubtedly have used google at some point. Not everyone is aware of the different features available from google so here’s a quick overview of features that I find most useful for finding appropriate sites to advertise on:

related:  – This feature enables you to search for similar sites. This is ideal if you’re looking to place a widget or skyscraper banner, as you can find sites that will suit your target audience. e.g. related:www.yoursitename.com

~ (synonym) – This feature allows you to search for the keyword and its synonym’s, again this is useful if your searching a particular niche, for example ~car sales also includes van sales i it’s search results.

+ – not related to Google Plus, but this feature allows you to include a specific term, so if you’re searching for a term that must include two things such as salt+and pepper.

From time to time it is also useful to use a few different sources to find appropriate ad sites such as:

 – This site provides a list of top blogs based on any niche you identify, you can search by posts or by blogs.

Bing.com – Although another search engine, results often differ to that of Google, so you may find some decent sites that Google hasn’t referred you to.

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