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Marketing books that got me through my dissertation

Bearing in mind that a lot of my friends have been talking recently about their dissertation, I though I’d run through in a bit more detail some of the marketing books that I found most useful when I was writing the dreaded (I actually enjoyed it) big ‘D’.

Principles Of Marketing

Now on its 4th edition (although my copy is the 3rd edition), this was really my go to guide throughout my dissertation and probably my degree as a whole. The entire book is really well structured and offers step by step insight using a host of real world examples and case studies per chapter.

Principles of Marketing 3rd Edition

I still use it to this day if there’s anything I need to freshen up on, and the fact that it is continually updated is a testament to the ever evolving world of marketing and the fact that Brassington & Pettitt strive for completeness to their work. I’d recommend this for both beginners and more accomplished marketers, whether it be for the insight into how Innocent Smoothies used the 4p’s methodology or the importance of analysing social factors in your business environmental.

The Green Marketing Manifesto

One of the most interesting aspects of my uni course was that I was studying at the time when ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’ were the buzz words. We were starting to see real progress and theory behind leading sustainability marketing such as M&S’ Plan A campaign. The interesting point for me was how you could combine two conflicting theories; marketing encourages consumers to consume more and sustainability encourages consumers to consume less and consume responsibly.

John Grant’s Green Marketing Manifesto was key to my Green Marketing & Sustainable Tourism dissertation, and also helped others to develop their own theories relating to green marketing such as Mario Vellandi. The book is a must read particularly for anyone interested in the green wash, and how companies use ethical practice and factor it in to corporate social responsibility – sometimes without success!

Consumer Behaviour

This was probably the book that switched me on most during my course. Consumer behaviour is certainly the most interesting module that I studied, and this book goes a long way to understanding the importance of people’s behaviour.

Consumer Behaviour - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

Covering themes and frameworks from positive and negative motivation, to the homeostasis see saw, to social and physiological needs of a consumer, and how we can encourage consumers to connect with a brand in order to satisfy the consumers wants/needs and values by adding context to consumption.

The Debate over Corporate Social Responsibility

Perhaps not an obvious selection on many marketers’ list of reading, but in my opinion and certainly for the writing of my dissertation it was vital. Even though we’re a couple of years further down the line, I’m still no clearer as to whether the questions outlined in the book by May, Cheney and Roper have answers, or perhaps these aren’t questions but considerations that will always need to be considered.

Debate over Corporate Social Responsibility - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

Take the first line of the blurb – should business strive to be social? If so, how social should a business be? This book evaluates the two extremes of the spectrum: from the right, CSR goes against the ethos of free enterprise and trade, while from the left, it helps to control how the business is perceived (fitting in neatly with a PR or communications strategy). Either way the book offers great insight, although be prepared for some heavy reading with few uses of imagery or artwork to be found.

Marketing Concepts and Strategies

This book, similar to the Principles of Marketing is suitable for both newbies and more experienced marketers. In my opinion (and as the title suggests) there is a stronger focus on the strategy behind marketing activity which is key particularly if you’re trying to sell in or justify a campaign.

Marketing Concepts and Strategies - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

My personal favourite section of the book is ‘Part V’ covering marketing communications/ promotion decisions, and the need to have an integrated communications strategy, taking into account prospecting, approaching and closing.

Kudos to Joe Griffiths who inspired me to write this after his post on marketing process with internal blog content.

Social Commerce Psychology [infographic]

Social commerce is a big talking point at present, particularly now that brand pages have been released across most social media sites – Facebook, G+ and recently Twitter.

This infographic by tabjuice.com gives us some insight into the consumer buying behaviour for social commerce.

How to use Linkedin [infographic]

I couldn’t agree more with Business Insider, Linkedin is certainly the ‘darkhorse’ of all the social media sites that I use. I tend to use Linkedin but without really ever engagaing in it. From the looks of this infographic from expert Lewis Howes I’ve a little way to go yet before I’ve completed ‘boot camp’.

Getting Noticed Online

Give Me A Job

Image by smemon87 via Flickr CC

I recently posted about infographics- and those of you who have seen the About page may have noticed a rather basic infographic CV that I uploaded last week. The whole idea of an infographic and displaying data about ourselves is a topic that really interests me. I’m big on using online tools, and hopefully my quick effort at an infographic will be trounced once Vizualize.me is finally launched.

I graduated in the height of the recession and found it pretty difficult to get the sorts of role I was looking for within the marketing industry. It’s really important to make yourself stand out – and for the right reasons, and I think to some extent I was missing an opportunity. There has never been a better chance to build an online profile and reap the rewards – particularly bearing in mind the current approach from ‘cold call’ recruiters.Online tools like ‘Viz.me’ and LinkedIn are now really useful resources in order to make companies find you rather than you trying to find the company. Equally the growth of Facebook and other social platforms have bought with them increased access and communication potential with a brand.

With this in mind, I thought I would share a few good articles that can be used both from a musician point of view – why shouldn’t you use your band as a brand? But also from a general graduate/recruitment approach.

Get a Job Using Social Media – Mashable

Consumers More Receptive To Brands – BrandRepublic

Logo Creator

Marketers Wouldn’t Attend University – Marketing Magazine

If you discover anything useful on the web then please get in touch

Top 3 Infographics

Having recently used infographics for a client I’m becoming increasingly interested in them and how they can visualise data and information. A great site for infographics dealing with social media and online marketing is Flowtown. Really useful for including in pitches/ interviews/ presentations.

Here are my top 3 marketing infographics from their site:

Addicted to the Internet

Addicted to the Internet

ROI of Your Mum

ROI of Your Mum

Everybody's Doing It!

Everybody's Doing It!

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