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7 useful LinkedIn data visualisations from 2012

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networks out there as at the 21st December LinkedIn estimate that they have around 187 million members. It’s been a busy year for the professional community based company, including launching new profile pages and a new homepage.

2012 has seen a good deal of growth for LinkedIn and has seen an 87% increase in users over the last 20 months. Here I take a look at some of the most interesting content that has been published as the company marks 10 years since it’s initial ‘front room’ inception.

LinkedIn 2012 Product Yearbook

Who really uses LinkedIn? [infographic]

Who Uses LinkedIn - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

Post graduation uses for LinkedIn


20 reasons to spend less time on Facebook and more time on LinkedIn


Top overused buzz words on LinkedIn 2012

Global Overused LinkedIn Buzzwords-2012

How LinkedIn works

How LinkedIn Works [infographic]

Top LinkedIn company pages 2012

6-Step Cheat Sheet to the Facebook Business Page Timeline Design

I get quite a bit of traffic to my Facebook timeline post, so i thought it might be good to show you this neat infographic from Hubspot called the ‘6-Step Cheat Sheet to the Facebook Business Page Timeline Design’.


6-Step Cheat Sheet to the Facebook Business Page Timeline Design

Social Gambling and Facebook: A Symbiotic Relationship?

One of the main aspects that initial allowed Facebook to move and stay ahead of other social networks is the fact that Facebook is a very adequate gaming platform. Although research suggests that Facebook is fading as a gaming platform, it is clear that a unique relationship between gaming and social networking exists, something which is evident when reading about the new Nintendo Wii U Miiverse.

Game Money - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

Financial Connections

Since Facebook went public in the summer of 2012, financial analysts have watched the stock price rise and fall. One of the major impacts on the day-to-day price of the stock is the success or failure of the major gaming developers. Scratch Fever took a further look into this, and compared the price of Facebook’s stock with that of the largest game developer on the platform. Their article further states that the prices of both could be impacted positively if online legal gambling becomes an option in the U.S.

Most people here in the UK are familiar with something like bingo games from Jackpotjoy being played for real money. However, for the longest time in the U.S., online gambling could only utilize virtual currency. Now, Delaware has just become the first state to legalize online gambling— something that will most likely cause other states to follow suit.

Jackpotjoy, backed by the Gamesys Group, is the UK’s leading online instant win and bingo site. Their user base is currently over 4 million people, but does contain strict controls to ensure that all players are over 18 years of age and that other criteria is met. It should be interesting to take note of how Jackpotjoy’s latest app, Bingo & Slots Friendzy (in which users can win real cash jackpots via Facebook) will be received. The new legalization of games to be played for real money in the U.S. will likely become a win-win scenario for both Facebook and those gaming companies that have a symbiotic relationship with the social media powerhouse.

The Pull of the Gaming Companies

Not only do the gaming developers have a financial impact on the website, they can also impact the way the site is run. In the past if a person wanted to play a game, they had to give direct authorization to Facebook to publish information and access things from the user’s profile. However, as AllFacebook discusses, this may soon change.

The main reason this will change is because the larger game developers want to make it simpler for players to get in and start playing the game. This one-click permissions dialog will not dramatically effect the average Facebook user. However, it is worth considering whether this could lead to more ways that the network and developers can access and share the information you have on your Facebook account.

New Companies Find it Harder to Succeed? 

One of the biggest complaints that gaming companies have against Facebook is that it’s difficult for them to get the same level of exposure that the inner-circle developers do. If other U.S. states start to follow Delaware’s legalization process of online gambling, there may be ways that smaller companies can get a foothold in the market. It can seem frustrating because some of these smaller companies don’t necessarily want the same symbiotic relationship as the largest companies, but they do want to get noticed in a crowded network.

Only time will tell how this plays out. Perhaps if another social network develops a large enough following, these companies will not be as reliant on Facebook as they currently are, and Facebook will be able to continue its own inner growth and development. This inner growth can only help the company become stronger and better able to handle what the future holds.

This article is a guest post.

One frame at a time for brands on social media

This is a fantastic infographic on the value that brands can achieve from videos and photos. MY favourite stat is wihtout doubt that Instagram is on pace to overtake Facebook’s growth!

Storytelling for brands, one frame at a time- Mike Jeffs online marketing blog

Via Mbooth

Things to learn from TED about YouTube optimisation

TED is the latest creation from Family Guy mastermind Seth Macfarlane. But this isn’t a post about how funny he is, although he IS hilarious!

I’ve been interested in the film since I first saw the trailer and I’ve also been intrigued as to the marketing in the build up to the films release. Let’s take a look at the online marketing lessons we can learn from TED:

YouTube optimisation

TED epitomises the type of content that I like to see on YouTube and undoubtedly what many of the other 800 million YouTube users want to see.

First of all the content is amusing. Take a look through the keyword tool and you’ll see that virtually all the search volumes are dominated by videos with a focus on entertaining. You’ll also notice that keywords where perhaps there is a lot of search volume in adwords is almost non existent for YouTube. Small businesses talk note: that long sought after viral video isn’t going to be achieved by merely creating something that you feel is funny do your research and find out if it is worthwhile investing in the video to reach your target audience. Is the audience commercially relevant?

Now let’s take a look at how well TED has optimized his YouTube videos:


Titles on YouTube are the equivalent of title tags for a webpage. Your video title should be descriptive and as natural as possible but should also include key terms that people will look for. To find a rough idea of what people are searching for you can use the aforementioned  YouTube Keyword Tool.

Ted the Movie Youtube Keyword Tool - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

The above images shows that the main things searched for are the trailers and the thunder buddy song, so TED should be clearly labelling these on his channel, because that’s what people are searching for.

You’ll notice that Ted’s video doesn’t make the optimum use of the keyword tool, it’s effectively missing out on 60,600 searches by not using “ted offical trailer” within it’s video title.


Similar to titles, descriptions on YouTube help algorithms understand the relevance of your video. Optimising your titles and descriptions means your video will stand more chance of appearing for related searches. It’s best practice to add a link to the most relevant page on your website (highlighted in red below) as well as a detailed paragraph about what the content is. The description is another place to include your relevant keywords.

Ted The Movie YouTube Description- Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

This is actually where Ted’s videos could be better, you’ll notice that the videos don’t make use of the tags feature of YouTube:

YouTube tags - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing blog

Tags are a good way of including keywords that perhaps couldn’t fit in your title, but are related to your content. Examples for Ted could be ‘Seth Macfarlane’, ‘Mark Wahlberg’, ‘Mila Kunis’ or ‘Family Guy’.


Playlist are great on YouTube, they are really useful for grouping your content together and making it easy for people to view your clips, trailers or promo vids. Playlists appear in search listings on YouTube too and can be optimised in a similar way to an individual videos, playlists will also show up in regular Google search results.

Ted The Movie YouTube Playlist - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

Grouping videos together is a better way of aggregating traffic between your content, the number of views is a major ranking factor on YouTube so enhancing interlinking your content via playlists should help to increase the visibility and therefore views of all your video content. When watching a video from a playlist, other videos from the same playlist should appear in the related videos column:

Ted The Movie YouTube Playlists Related Column - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

Further resources:



OR view the slides of this post:


You tube optimisation with ted from Mike Jeffs

6 Tremendous Twitter tools to enhance your tweets

There are a number of social tools out there, offering different functions. Here we take a look at some of the tools available for Twitter.


Buffer is an an app that I’ve been using with Twitter for some time now. It gives you the opportunity to schedule your tweets, which is great if you have a lot of things that you want to share but are concerned about overkill. Simply identify the items you want to share and add them to your Buffer feed, the app then sends the updates at the optimum time.

You can also connect the buffer app to your other social media accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn. It couldn’t be easier to use and comes it virtually every format imaginable – Chrome extension, Android, iPhone and email versions are all a download away.

Buffer app for Twitter - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog


Probably one of the better known Twitter tools out there, TweetDeck enables you to add columns to track chosen topics, lists or hash tags. The tool has also recently been updated meaning that you are now able to edit re tweets, there is also improved media functionality for looking at images and video.

Tweetdeck for Twitter - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

Although popular, I’d have to agree with PC Pro that Tweet Deck is lacking in a number of things, and as they have pointed out leaves a number of questions unanswered. Without doubt it’s a useful tool but I don’t find myself using it regularly.


Klout is almost like the Marmite of social media, you either love it or hate it. Some might say it’s a strange inclusion as it isn’t really a tool, more of a measure. Klout gives you a score based on a number of different social media accounts, its metrics include: True Reach, Amplification Probability and Network Influence which can be roughly translated as engagement, reaction and audience profile.

Klout Twitter Tools - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

For this reason alone, Klout is featured in this post. I use it to see who I influence most in my network, because I’m a “networker”. (yeah, see what I did there?)


I’m relatively new this tool, but first impressions alone were enough to put this into my top twitter tools post. InboxQ is great for connecting and engaging with users. It’s particularly good for outreach and developing relationships with people through helping them. It’s kind of along the lines of Quora, but for the 140 character brigade. type in your keywords and the tool identifies questions asked on Twitter relating to your results.

InboxQ Twitter Tool - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

You can also download a plugin version of the tool for either your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Manage Flitter

This is without doubt the best tool I’ve seen for cleaning up your twitter profile in terms of managing who you are following. The interface is clean and simple, making it easy to filter your existing Twitter follows by who doesn’t follow you back, who is quiet and accounts which are inactive.

Manage Flitter Twitter Tool - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

If you upgrade to the Pro version of the tool, there are advanced filters that can be enabled. These include the option to auto follow people who have mentioned you or accounts which you have re-tweeted recently.

Twitition/ Competwition

It wouldn’t be right not including a Branded3 tool in with these, and ok maybe I’m biased but both Twitition and Competwition are great for promoting causes and your brand. These tools are also the reason we were able to provide a ground breaking study into Tweets vs Rankings.

Competwition Twitter Tool - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

Twitition is based on signing a petition but with your Twitter account, anyone can start a petition and it’s a good way of connecting with and supporting your followers’ opinions. Competwition is more promotional and offers companies the chance to run a competition to users on twitter. Each time a tweeter enters the competition or signs the petition they are able to tweet it out and follow your brand.

13 Cool Google Plus Brand Pages

Google launched brand pages in Google + back in November 2011, and figures for brand pages on the social network platform have been exploding ever since. This presumably has a lot to do with the fact that having a G+ profile can help to maximise your search results listing in Google thanks to Search Plus Your World, vital for many brands.

Here I take a look at 13 of the best looking Google Plus brand pages:


Amazon Google Plus Page


H&M Google Plus Page


Android Google Plus Page


BMW Google Plus Page

Burger King

Burger King Google Plus Page

Google Chrome

Chrome Google Plus Page


Lexus Google Plus Page


Pepsi Google Plus Page


Samsung Google Plus Page


Sony Google Plus Page

The Muppets

The Muppets Google Plus Page



Yamaha Google Plus Page

Seen any more awesome Google Plus pages, or want help setting up your Google Plus profile? Feel free to get in touch.

12 Epic Facebook Brand Timeline Cover Photos

The 30th of March sees all existing brand pages on Facebook updated to the new timeline format. Profiles were updated back in February.

What does this mean for page owners? Well, first and foremost it means a new exciting way to display your brand and also the history of your brand. Secondly, we will likely witness the end of the “like gateway”. With timeline, visitors will see what your company is actually doing, you have less control over promoting a specific campaign upon page arrival, unless you add it to the short cut buttons just below the cover photo. This means your activity and the content shared is of even greater relevance.

Here are 12 epic brand timelines that have already changed their pages to the new format:


Bilabong Facebook Brand Timeline

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Facebook Timeline


Nike Facebook Brand Timeline

Manchester United

Man Utd Facebook Brand Timeline


Fanta Facebook Brand Timeline


Facebook Brand Timeline

The Muppets

The Muppets Facebook Brand Timeline


Sharpie Facebook Brand Timeline

PG Tips

PG Tips Facebook Brand Timeline


VisitScotland Facebook Brand Timeline


Polaroid Facebook Brand Timeline

Total Film

Total Film Facebook Brand Timeline

You can read more about Facebook Timeline for brands in this post by Matthew Siegal and see other timeline examples on Slodive.com.

5 Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Examples

The Facebook Timeline was rolled out to everyone’s profiles back in February, since that initial launch it has also been published for all brands who have a page on Facebook.

With Timeline, you get cover photos which is a large image that sits at the top of your page/profile. Let’s take  a look at some of the most creative and amusing timeline cover photos, here is my top 5 (because 5 is a nice number),  interpreted to match the mood of days in a working week.

Monday – Rainy day, the start of the week end of the weekend, Ekkapong’s cover photo pretty much sums up my Mondays:

Ekkapong Techawongthaworn Facebook Timeline Cover

Tuesday – Scary day, probably the day at which you realise how much work you have to do before Friday, now that all your emails are out of the way time to tackle the beast (big tasks). Summed up beatifully by this effort from Mathew Barker:

Facebook Cover Design – Mathew Barker

Wednesday – Mid week, ever feel like you just want to hide one day of the week, it would have to be Wednesday. Rodney Hess’ image is great:

Facebook Cover Design - Rodney Hess

Thursday Time to get sorted, plans for the weekend start to develop, equally you’re starting to get a feel for deadlines and progress towards those deadlines – anything to declare before the end of the week? Great cover photo by Antonio Fadda.

Antonio Fadda Facebook Timeline

Friday – The long wait is finally here, things get a little more colourful eventually scrapping work mode for a more fun outlook. Best showed by Christine Hals’ splendid old and new Facebook cover photo:

Christine Hals Facebook Timeline

Seen any more cool, awesome Facebook Timeline cover photos? Let me know with a comment below or get in touch using the contact page.


Facebook Depression [infographic]

Something which has been in the public eye for the ast couple of months is mental health. I saw the following infographic on Mashable on Friday which was created by Help For Depression. The infographic shows how we use the social network to share our feelings and the reaction that these statuses receive.

 The survey found that positive updates receive more likes, while negative statuses get more comments. There are also some interesting findings regarding the words people use and how these change depending on your friend count.

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