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3 creative advertisements of 2011

There’s a great post on Pokkisam.com rouding up the year’s most creative adverts, there were some really funny ads and really creative uses of imagery. Here’s my top three:

Brilliant advert for band-aid, with one of my favourite characters Hulk.



Simple and amusing – “wi-fries” from McDonalds (see what I did there?)

Cool update of a KitKat ad which got a lot of attention back in 2008.

To see more creative ads check out the Pokkisam post.


Finding websites

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

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Anyone who works online will undoubtedly have used google at some point. Not everyone is aware of the different features available from google so here’s a quick overview of features that I find most useful for finding appropriate sites to advertise on:

related:  – This feature enables you to search for similar sites. This is ideal if you’re looking to place a widget or skyscraper banner, as you can find sites that will suit your target audience. e.g. related:www.yoursitename.com

~ (synonym) – This feature allows you to search for the keyword and its synonym’s, again this is useful if your searching a particular niche, for example ~car sales also includes van sales i it’s search results.

+ – not related to Google Plus, but this feature allows you to include a specific term, so if you’re searching for a term that must include two things such as salt+and pepper.

From time to time it is also useful to use a few different sources to find appropriate ad sites such as:

 – This site provides a list of top blogs based on any niche you identify, you can search by posts or by blogs.

Bing.com – Although another search engine, results often differ to that of Google, so you may find some decent sites that Google hasn’t referred you to.

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