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5 Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Examples

The Facebook Timeline was rolled out to everyone’s profiles back in February, since that initial launch it has also been published for all brands who have a page on Facebook.

With Timeline, you get cover photos which is a large image that sits at the top of your page/profile. Let’s take  a look at some of the most creative and amusing timeline cover photos, here is my top 5 (because 5 is a nice number),  interpreted to match the mood of days in a working week.

Monday – Rainy day, the start of the week end of the weekend, Ekkapong’s cover photo pretty much sums up my Mondays:

Ekkapong Techawongthaworn Facebook Timeline Cover

Tuesday – Scary day, probably the day at which you realise how much work you have to do before Friday, now that all your emails are out of the way time to tackle the beast (big tasks). Summed up beatifully by this effort from Mathew Barker:

Facebook Cover Design – Mathew Barker

Wednesday – Mid week, ever feel like you just want to hide one day of the week, it would have to be Wednesday. Rodney Hess’ image is great:

Facebook Cover Design - Rodney Hess

Thursday Time to get sorted, plans for the weekend start to develop, equally you’re starting to get a feel for deadlines and progress towards those deadlines – anything to declare before the end of the week? Great cover photo by Antonio Fadda.

Antonio Fadda Facebook Timeline

Friday – The long wait is finally here, things get a little more colourful eventually scrapping work mode for a more fun outlook. Best showed by Christine Hals’ splendid old and new Facebook cover photo:

Christine Hals Facebook Timeline

Seen any more cool, awesome Facebook Timeline cover photos? Let me know with a comment below or get in touch using the contact page.


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